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Be Free From allergies

We offer a safe and effective non-invasive method for testing and clearing allergies.  clearings are Great for all ages and all types of allergies

Lets be honest, allergies can be a huge annoyance to everyday life and activities. Runny nose, itchy watery eyes, frequent sneezing, itching, fatigue, hives, bloating, eczema, headaches, and food sensitivities are all issues related to allergies that interrupt a persons day. Well you don't have to take it anymore or be a slave to allergy medications or shots. Call and book your allergy testing and clearing session today, why suffer any longer. Experience relief in your first session.

In addition to being a holistic nutritionist and certified colon therapist, Marlena is also a holistic allergist. She has been solving her clients digestive and allergy issues for many years with great success. By using muscle testing with potential allergens to identify the culprit she is able to find the right items to clear giving you relief from your allergies. Once the allergens are identified you will experience electro-accupressure or laser acupressure to stimulate the specific body points to clear the allergies. No long restrictive food lists, injections, pills, avoiding pets, friends, or the outdoors; just the freedom to eat healthy and enjoy life.

Allergy clearing is a non-invasive way to reintroduce your body to the healthy aspects of life it has been reacting to. This gives you the freedom to walk outside and garden or go for a walk, play with your pets, eat foods you love, and live in your own home comfortably; allergy free. Children respond incredibly well to allergy clearing and are much the better for it. Many parents report behavioural issues resolving, less issues at meal times, even helping to resolve bed wetting issues. Life is too short to be burdened with allergies, clear them and live free from allergies.

What is Muscle Testing?

​Muscle testing is an accurate, non-invasive and painless method of analyzing your sensitivities. You hold potential allergens usually contained in vials (indirect contact) to your body. Your therapist will test your strength or weakness to the particular allergen by applying a gentle pressure measuring your acceptance (strength) or rejections (weakness) for each item tested. For small children or very young children the parent will be used as a surrogate to test for the child. This allows for accurate identification.

How are allergies cleared/desensitized?

A small acupressure tip is applied to 18-20 different points in the body based on the science of acupuncture. These points have been identified and tested for efficacy in allergy clearing. You may feel a tiny pulsing with the electro allergy point and only sense the light with the laser. Stimulating these points while exposed to the allergens in the vials helps reintroduce your body to your allergens so your body can safely and effectively accept these substances, thus clearing your allergies.

How to Prepare for your clearing:

Make sure you are well hydrated. We recommend you drink 2L of water daily. Avoid drinking coffee or stimulants on the day of your clearing. Minimize stress after your clearing and do not engage in stressful physical activity. Do not come for a clearing if you have a cold. If you have or suspect environmental allergies we suggest bringing in a sample of dust from your vacuum and vents. If you have suspected food sensitivities or take multiple medications you can also bring samples (in a ziplock bag or bottle) to test also. ANything you consume daily e.g. protein powders, supplements, bread etc.

How sessions will I need?

Clients will notice improvements after just one session. Typically it will take 4 to 6 follow-up sessions to completely clear and address all of the allegens identified in the testing. Allergy clearing is permanent and typically does not require yearly visits (people with low functioning immune systems, high chemical exposure, EMF exposure, on multiple medications etc. may require tune-ups yearly).

Testing is usually 1 - 1.5 hours and includes your first clearing for $120, follow up sessions 30 mins to 1 hour $60